Quick note about how the site works

There is no sign-up. This is causing a lot of confusion, I know.

It would be much, much easier if the school district maintained a guestbook or other webpage with alumni information submitted via a form or a forum where people could join and talk with moderators. But they don’t. I wrote and asked why and the end result was this weblog-style site.

To submit your info, you can either use this form*


you can copy and paste this (filled out, of course) into the body of an e-mail and send it to pcalumni@gmail.com:


Name at Graduation (if different):

Grad year:

Where I am now:

What I’m doing (job, hobbies, weblog URL, whatever):

Status (married, single, n/a):

Children: (number, names, whatever):

Other than name and graduation year, all info is optional. Any questions? Please comment or e-mail.

You may also comment under your class year and I will add it to the class post when I have a chance.

I update listings about once a month. If you e-mail, please include “PCHS” in your subject line so it doesn’t get mixed in with spam.

All the info you need to know is here. If you have any questions, you can post them as a comment here.

* If you would like to include information that there isn’t room for on the form (like your children’s names), send an e-mail either instead of or in addition to the form.


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