Alumni Listing 1989

Shelby A. (Eckenrode) Shane 29 Palms, CA

Stephanie (Glass) Lenz Gallitzin, PA
Married (Patrick Lenz, Class of 1988), 2 kids (Zoe & Holden)
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Sam A. Margosiak Cresson, PA

Jeffrey M. Rabish Gallizin, PA

Kelly A. (Rodgers) Sklodowski Lilly, PA

Tim J. Storm Ebensburg, PA

Jennifer A. Vargo Cresson, PA;Single; “Work for Cambria County where I have been for ten years now. Prior to that there were various restaurant jobs and I got my associates degree in General Studies from Mount Aloysius College in 1998.”

Donna (Watt) Mantle, Harpers Ferry, WV; Married, 4 kids

Teresa (Reed) Kishlock ,Fort Mill-SC (Charlotte)
PMP-Project Manager. Married (Chris Kishlock, Class of 1988), 2 children



  1. Hi Vicki. How’s it going? I’ve not gotten any info from anyone about reunions for any classes. Part of my hope for having a site like this and working in conjunction w/ PCSD was that stuff like that would get done in a coherant way. I would have no idea how to begin planning one, how the school district is involved, the class funds, etc. Maybe after I get the next update done here, I’ll send off some sort of e-mail asking how it’s done, who’s in charge, etc.

    If anyone knows, please comment here or on any post. Thanks in advance. And thanks for asking.

  2. I was wondering that too, the ten year one was so thrown together that half of the people didn’t get notice or if you did it was like by a third party. I found out because someone called meand told me about it and how to find Pat Chirdon. I guess the class president organizes them or should.

  3. Hello everyone and anyone. I have been thinking alot about what to do about the upcoming 20 year reunion. Any input would be helpful as to what intrest there is out there regarding ideas or just help organizing a reunion. Help finding everyone and getting the information out there has been one of the biggest stumbling blocks in privious years. All help welcome.

  4. We need to get an ad placed in the local paper for classmates to contact someone to get their updated info. Does the school have an alumni association that keeps track of this information? Let me know, I can help.

  5. I think we can contact The Mainliner via e-mail. I don’t think they have a proper office anymore; I think if anyone needed to go in person, you’d have to go to the Ebensburg office for Mainline newspapers (it’s a chain; I worked for them years ago).

    From what Jackie said about Class of ’88, she had the best luck by putting a note in the paper. I would say that the approach would be thus: Contact the Mainliner and ask if they will print a “looking for classmates” notice as part of the content of the paper. That’s free. If they won’t, then we can look into paying for an ad. Or, after about a month or so (when the first wave of replies is finished), then run a box ad looking for people.

    Frankly, I would drop a note to Jackie (her contact info is under Class of ’88 ) and ask her how she’s coordinated the three reunions they’ve had so far.

    Also the school district, class advisor (Rodgers, no?) or any current class advisor should be able to guide people in the right direction. There’s a fund somewhere so I assume to get that money freed up to pay for part of the reunion, you’ll need to contact PCSD anyway.

    If you need local help, I’m in the area.

  6. I was wondering when the reunion is decided on , will there be information published here or are we going to get something by mail. I’m not familiar with Facebook or i would certainly look there .

  7. There will be plenty of info here as I get it. I publish everything I receive or people can post messages under their own class years. Pat will likely do a land mailing for every address he gets.

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