Alumni Listing 1975

Joe Fredrick — Cresson

Mark Perehinec , Altoona Pennsylvania
“I teach history at PCHS, direct/choregraph the school musical and coach the Scholastic Quiz and Scrimmage teams. I do community theater at Cresson Lake, Altoona Community Theater and Penn State Altoona.”
In a relationship, two children



  1. I’m a curriculum developer. I work for the Federal Bureau of Prisons at the Management & Specialty Training Center in Aurora, CO.

    I’ve worked in a number of prisons and now work in the areas of (staff) management & specialty training.

  2. Hi Joe Hows it goin
    Mark, How are you doin’, remember the command “10”
    must have done 1000 pushups back in the day.
    My dad graduated same same .:: Joe “Pickle” Diehl
    Brian C. Diehl, SSgt, USAF
    Kadena AFB, Okinawa

  3. Wow….hey Paula!!! So good to get a few of us ’75ers in the site.
    Brian…of course I remember the command “10” and I remember your Dad as well. My neice Jill is stationed in Okinawa to… Jill (Perehinec) Emerick….
    Let’s get more of us here.

  4. Mark, how long have you been teaching at Penn Cambria ? I taught for 10 1/2 years in Bradford, PA, before they opened the prison in McKean Co and I made the switch.

    It’s been great, no two days the same. No regrets here.

    Have many of us moved out of the area, do you know ?

  5. Hi Paula…just got back to school and haven’t checked this in a while…sorry for the delay in answering…I don’t know how many of us moved out of the area…I was in Pittsburgh, and then Florida after college until 1990 whenI moved back…If you want to email me, go to PC’s web page at….or email me at

  6. Hello, Mark and Paula!

    Kinda stumbled across this after reading of the death of Tim Weaver in the “Mainliner”. I live in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota, and find the “Mainliner” a good source for what’s happening back in PA.

    After 5+ years in the US Army, including 3 years in Germany and seeing all of Europe (’75-’80 – where I met my wife of almost 28 years, so yes she wore Army boots, Mark!), I used my GI Bill and completed my BS in mass communications at Bemidji State University in Bemidji, Minnesota. I spent 16 years as a broadcast journalist (10 as news director) and another 16 in public relations. For the past 10 years I’ve worked for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources as the public relations officer for the Division of Enforcement. I have the best job in the world!!! When I’m not busy with family and work I’m a public affairs officer in the USAF A and do media training for mostly law enforcement agencies with my consulting firm: Keystone Communications. I’ve always got a couple of irons in the fire! You never slow down, you never get old.

    My wife (Kris) and I have 18-year-old twins (Gina & Mark) who are in their first year of college at a couple of state universities. Our son has a four-year scholarship through Army ROTC. Thank goodness! College is a lot more $$$ than when we went.

    I’ve only been back to PA a handful of times since 1975. Was last there 5 years ago. My brother lives in Holidaysburg, but most of the family is either gone or scattered. My wife is the native Minnesotan, so we’ve lived mostly here, as well as Iowa and North Dakota.

    Haven’t touched the trombone in decades, but I sure do look at it a lot! Some day, maybe. Our daughter played clarinet in the band throughout school. I still love the sounds of the big bands.

    It’s hard to believe I’m 51. I don’t feel it (I work out a lot), and people are surprised when I say that I am (people are such liars, but, hey, I like hearing it). Where has the time gone!?!

    Life has been good and I feel very blessed. I hope your lives are/have been happy and fulfilling.

    I remember you both, well,

    1. Hi Rich…and I remember you WELL 🙂 … no matter how hard I try to forget 😉 SO good to hear from you and so sorry for how long it’s taken to respond. Our class has a Fb page, Penn Cambria Class of 1975…there are many of our class members there. You should join, Rich!!

  7. Hi Everyone! Don’t know if any of you remember me…Debby (Dolby) Rouzer. I only attended PC in 74 and 75. I work at Uncle Joe’s Woodshed in Altoona and today Laura Lenz came into the store. She said I need to get on facebook and find info on alumni of 1975. Couldn’t quite figure out what to do. Any suggestions!

    1. Yes..go to Fb and search penn cambria class of 1975 🙂
      I live in Altoona too, Debby, and I remember you. I’ll have to look for you at the Woodshed if you’re still there 🙂

      1. Currently working for Home Instead. Mark… You played trumpet in the band didn’t you with my sister Becky.

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