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Harriet M. (Parrish) Lilly Paoli, PA


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  1. 2012 will mark 55 years since the Class of ‘57 left the halls of Cresson Joint High. We voted at our 50th not to hold any additional reunions yet, some of us are interested in getting together for this occasion.

    The Alumni Association homecoming committee has invited us to have our reunion with theirs. This would be an opportunity to visit with friends, share our life stories, and enjoy a meal and the band.

    My husband and I attended the 2011 annual reunion. The food was delicious and abundant, almost too much for anyone to eat.

    If would be great if there was an email data base to send classmate news. Please send an email to: and your email address will be added to the group. If any of you have a mailing address of someone who has moved since 2007, please send an updated mailing address to

    Give it some thought and send an email.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Harriet (Parrish) Lilly

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