This blog is no longer actively maintained. Emails will not be read. Neither this blog nor any Facebook links are are maintained by / associated with Penn Cambria.

Penn Cambria Alumni page on Facebook (page name changes) Used more heavily by grads from 1990s ff but all alumni with Facebook accounts may join and post.

Penn Cambria Alumni Events: follow for any upcoming “alumni weekend” type of events, homecoming, etc.

There are many more “Penn Cambria” groups and pages on Facebook. Search for your graduation year; there may be a page just for your class. Look for groups and pages, not people called “Penn Cambria.” If your class doesn’t have a page or group, they’re easy to make.

The Penn Cambria alumni weblog was established with permission with the PCSD as a medium for alumni to connect online, to help coordinate and disperse information about reunions and to share the “after-graduation” aspects of our lives. Because Facebook and other social media have filled in the gap, this site is no longer actively maintained or monitored.